Soderglen South

Our South operation includes separate ranches — the Fort McLeod operation is now a summer ranch with cattle moved between Cardston to Fort McLeod for the summer.

Cardston is the base for wintering and calving and is managed by Roger Gerard and it maintains a cowherd of 1500 mother cows of 5 seedstock lines. Ross, Scott and Elan as well as staff from Airdrie help Roger during the busy months of calving and weaning.

The cowherd winters on native Foothills Fescue and then goes to bale grazing till May when calving starts. All calves go to Airdrie in the fall and heifers are bred in Airdrie and sent down in the fall. All breeds of cattle, whether they are Angus, Charolais or Simmental are treated exactly the same. The young cattle are separate as first calvers and then run as one herd. They are separated by breed at branding and sorted to breeding pastures. These cows are treated no different than our customer’s cattle, as there is not a bushel of grain on the operation. Horses don’t ever get oats unless Roger gets a bag in town!

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