Soderglen’s Breeding Season Warranty Program

Soderglen’s Warranty Program offers a cut rate warranty in a language you can understand. Soderglen will warranty your bull and carry all risk. In our opinion, using only Mortality Insurance is money out the window with little or no value because 96% of bull problems are injury, not death. We have the ability to make cash settlement or service your needs with another bull, whichever you choose. Should you have any problem with a bull, contact Soderglen directly at 1‑403‑948‑6700 and we will handle the problem immediately. Your veterinarian and yourself will fill out a claim form provided by Soderglen and that is all that is needed to take care of your claim. It’s unfortunate but sometimes bulls will become injured prior to or during their first breeding season and often these injuries are life threatening. In a effort to better serve our customers we are offering on optional warranty on all bulls sold through this sale. This warranty will cover loss of use from injuries as well as death.

We offer the following options:

1 60 Days 2.5%
2 8 months 7.5%


The basic 60 days covers bulls for 60 days after the sale. We require it on all bulls purchased through one of our two “Stay-At-Home” options, as well as on all bulls that will be delivered to one of

our delivery points. All bulls that stay at Soderglen must have the minimum 60 day warranty coverage.

Extended-Breeding Season Warranty

The Extended Breeding Season Warranty covers the bull through his first breeding season. It starts on sale day and will last 60 days into the bulls first breeding season. When you purchase this warranty, you must provide the date that you intend to turn the bull out for breeding purposes. The cost of this extended warranty is 7.5% of the bulls purchase price. The coverage is completely

optional and you can take it or leave it but remember it takes the place of any other-loss-of-use guarantee provided by Soderglen Ranches Ltd.

Exclusions to the Policy

Injury or death due to malicious, willful or intentional acts or mistreatment by you or your employees are fraudulent claims.

Soderglen Herdbull GUARANTEE

The Best in the Business

Soderglen Guarantees

  1. Bull has passed a semen evaluation by a licensed veterinarian prior to the sale.
  2. Bull is structurally sound and capable of breeding cows naturally.
  3. Bull can be handled using proper animal handling techniques (no pick-ups, neighbours dogs or cousins from the city).
  4. Fleshing ability-within 9 months after breeding season your bull should have recovered the weight loss and be in a reasonable, healthy condition with a good quality forage diet.

If these conditions of Guarantee are not achieved Soderglen will do one of three things:

  1. Replace the bull with one of equal value (most practical during or before breeding season).
  2. Replace with a bull and adjust value agreed upon (most practical during or before breeding season).
  3. Take back or ship bull and a credit will be given to you for the selection of another bull the following year (most practical after breeding season).
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