Sight Unseen Purchase Plan Stay-At-Home Options

We would prefer to have everyone attend for sale day, but realistically we know there are scheduling conflicts and distance limitations. For those cases, we have a couple of options for you to be able to participate in our bull sale on an absentee basis.

If you can’t make the sale, give us a call… we know our cattle well and are confident that we can select bulls that meet your specifications. Some of our customers think we do a better job of buying their bulls than they do. Our Sight Unseen Program takes most of the risks out of purchasing bulls. Helping you with your purchases, however, places a lot of responsibility on us, so please call early.

In an effort to cover liability issues and protect the buyer’s interests, we require the minimum basic warranty of 60 days (2.5%) of the purchase price for all bulls purchased at our Stay-At-Home options.

Bidders who are successful in making a purchase will be contacted the week after the sale and an invoice will be mailed out. When the bull is delivered to your central delivery point if you are not satisfied with your purchase, your money will be refunded and the bull will be brought home. In all of our years of business and thousands of bulls sold, we have only had to bring 1 bull home!

We have two consultants as well as Soderglen staff that are available to help you with your decisions. Should you choose to use our Sight Unseen Purchase Program, Will, Mark or Scott will handle your bid to get the bulls you require.

Internet Bidding Only

We will be using VJV and the Canadian Satellite Livestock Auction internet bidding again this year. Blair Vold and the VJV crew will be able to assist you on sale day. To participate in the internet bidding option you will need to phone Soderglen at (403) 948-6734 and register for a buyer number prior to the sale. Bidding number to call on sale day is 403-948- 6700. You will be contacted the week after the sale for settlement and delivery instructions. If at all possible, we invite you to stop by to evaluate the bulls prior to sale day. If distance is a problem, we can provide you with a free DVD of all the bulls for home viewing.

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