Continental Carcass Makers

Our goal was to produce hybrid genetics designed specifically for carcass and performance so we selected Red Angus sires with exceptional marble and muscle to cross with Charolais in order to blend Angus quality with Charolais performance. Without compromising yield, we have produced a line of cattle that will marble and finish in the optimum weight ranges with exceptional quality. We have fed these cattle to finish for 6 years and on the female progeny we averaged 59.5% yield with 70% grading AAA. The male progeny had a yield of 60.5% with 62% grading AAA. We believe this hybrid will excel as a terminal cross on British or Continental cross cows. We have bred these cattle specifically as a carcass yield and quality product with little consideration for maternal qualities, however, the common traits such as calving ease, disposition and polling power are in this package. CCM cattle as with all of our lines, produce calving ease, longevity and excellent structure.

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